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Discovering our World

Last month

May is the most beautiful month of the year. Everything comes to life. The grass is greenest, the sky is the most blue, and the rays of the sun pleasantly warm our skin. We take off thick clothes for shorts and dresses. We spend more time outside than at home. Spring. Then everyone feels they are alive.

June, in turn, brings us long days and warm, summer evenings spent in the garden or on the terrace among loved ones, raspberries, strawberries, strawberries and cherries, warm wind, flowering flowers and trees. In June there is Midsummer Night and the fables and legends about fern flowers, the longest day and the shortest night, birds singing at dawn, grasshoppers and fireflies.

And although both May and June were different this year from those to which we are used to, they still breathed peace and filled with optimism for the future. We invite you to a brief summary of what happened with us during these two beautiful, green months of the year.

Maj jest najpiękniejszym miesiącem w roku. Wszystko budzi się do życia. Trawa jest najzieleńsza, niebo najbardziej błękitne, a promienie słońca przyjemnie ogrzewają naszą skórę. Zdejmujemy grube ubrania na rzecz krótkich spodenek i sukienek. Więcej czasu spędzamy poza domem niż w domu. Wiosna. Wtedy każdy czuje, że żyje.

Czerwiec z kolei przynosi nam długie dni i ciepłe, letnie wieczory spedzane w ogrodzie lub na tarasie w gronie najblizszych, maliny, truskawki, poziomki i czereśnie, cieply wiatr, kwitnace kwiaty i drzewa. W czerwcu jest noc Świętojańska i związane z nią baśnie i legendy o kwiecie paproci, najdłuższy dzień i najkrótsza noc, ptaki wyśpiewujące o brzasku, koniki polne i robaczki świętojańskie.

I chociaż zarówno maj, jak i czerwiec różniły się w tym roku od tych, do których jesteśmy przyzwyczajeni, wciąż tchnęły spokojem i napełniały optymizmem na przyszłość. Zapraszamy do krótkiego podsumowania tego, co działo się u nas podczas tych dwóch pięknych, zielonych miesięcy.

1. Those light blue flowers look and smell divine / 2. Light / 3. New places at local park / 4. White and red flowers for May 1-3 (Polish National Holiday) /

Motorcycle drive by

1.Los Angeles before lockdown / 2. Happy face. / 3. Los Angeles after three months of lockdown.

Did you notice the difference? The quality of air has improved, the smog was almost entirely gone and we could finally see the mountains surrounding the city.

Closures and restrictions were a big part of our lives those past two months. Reminders to stay 6 feet apart, keep social distance and wear face covers were seen practically everywhere. And although most states are slowly entering Phase 3 and some are set to enter Phase 4 of the reopening process, we still need to be careful as the virus is definitely far from being gone.

Trips to local parks and discovering new pathways were a big part of our morning routine.

Brief reminder to be grateful and happy every day.

Small places, small happiness.

Sadly, what we will remember from May and June will not only be happy memories. Our lives were changed forever by sad events and their consequences.

Silent protests against the brutality but also riots and looting were a big reminder we need a change.

A view of LA from local park, end of June. Smog is back, unfortunately.

Discovering new places on our road trip to Los Angeles. A beautiful tribute to aviation set in Valhalla Cemetery.

Valhalla Cemetery is a resting place to many stars, i.e. Oliver Hardy.

One cemetery, many faiths and beliefs. All together. There is many beautiful cemeteries in Los Angeles area, worth visiting. We will be taking you thru a few of them in our future posts.

Although there is no lilacs in California, those gorgeous purple flowers remind me of home (Poland). They also smell very sweet.

Forest in the middle of the city. A little nature hideout, known only to locals.

Random act of kindness and a successful rescue mission. This nice man freed a duck tangled in a fishing net. Please always remember to take all your belongings with you.

Dandelions, kites and wind (and a dog).

Little curious visitor.

There is always a beautiful house to take a photo of.

Or a new park to discover. Watless Garden Park, a hidden gem in the middle of Hollywood, with a breathtaking view of downtown LA.

Love photographing interesting doors and buildings.

Another stroll thru another park. We spent lots of time with nature those last two months.

Waiting for a friend.

Empty Hollywood Boulevard and a Walk of Fame – a very unusual view.

This wall is always updated with all current events in the world.

Empty streets were something I never quite got used to.

1. In sync with nature // 2. Admiring the ocean // 3. Childhood memories

Sign of times? Hoping we will not have to wear those much longer we wanted to wish you a great July.

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