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Personalized Plan

Having World of Adventures take care of all of your vacation trip details, removes any unneeded stress from your already hectic lifestyle. After all vacations are supposed to be stress relievers, relax and let our use its specialists handle every detail. If you are tired of planning, have no time, don’t know how to do it or simply don’t like to do it, then the Personalized Plan is right for you!
The Personalized Plan consists of:

  • Unique, individual program for every day of your trip, tailored to your interests, needs and travel style to make your dream, independent trip come true.
  • Flight connections bookings
  • Sleeping arrangements reservations
  • Local transport during the trip (including local flights)
  • Estimated cost All of this while sticking to your budget

How is the Personalized Plan crated?’

  • Get the ball rolling by contacting us and telling us about yourself and your goals for your trip. Location requests, guests on the adventure etc., along with a general budget boundary.
  • Once we have the basics of your dream trip, we will contact you via phone, or email (at your preference) with a proposed plan so that we won’t miss a single detail of your holiday dream trip.
  • Only after you like and accept our initial ideas we will proceed further to create more detailed plan.

What do I save by using Personalized Plan?

  • Time
  • Money
  • Stress with planning

How does the money save works?
Our knowledge and experience with finding the best and low-cost flight deals, hotels and transportation will help you save money on every point of the trip.
What is your experience in trip planning?
VERY extensive! I have been traveling the world for over 25 years. It definitely brought a lot of adventures and discoveries but also helped me to develop my planning skills. I have been planning trips for myself, family, friends and customers for the past 15 years.
Can we modify the Plan during the trip?
Of course! If you find yourself in place that is SO perfect that you wish to spend a few additional days, or a place you really wanted to visit was closed. Or the plane / train / bus was late. You can contact us any time during your trip and we will do our best to modify any part of your journey for you free of charge; (any additional costs for unplanned transportation or other accommodations incurred, will be at the traveler’s expense.
How much advance time should I give you to plan my trip?
The ideal time frame for best results in obtaining all of your desired amenities, three months’ advance notice is preferred. This gives me proper time to locate the best and least expensive flights, best sleeping arrangements, all local transportation and any local attractions, that you meet or exceed your criteria. Of course we are able to plan your vacation in less time, (in some cases we have done this in as little as two weeks, however, options become more limited and cost can increase)
For trips requiring express planning (two weeks prior to departure) there will be an additional fee of $250.
How does the Personalized Plan help me to save my time?
For the most “bang for your buck” every detail of every trip should be planned with detail. Planning, a trip, consists of long hours spent in front of the computer, or on the phone; reading about other experiences, finding all of the deals, knowing where and when to look, knowing the codes and understanding the languages. By us taking all of this burden away from you; all you will need to do is spend your time packing.
Who is the Personalized Plan tailored for?
For a single traveler, couples, group of friends, family with kids.
For busy people who have no time to think about planning their trip.
For the beginner travelers who do not want to travel in groups but don’t know how to start their own planning.
For those who are experienced but do not like the aspect of planning.
For anyone wanting to avoid “scary places or parts of town” and potential “scams”
What is the cost of Personalized Plan?

  • Basic Plan – $249
  • Standard Plan – $499
  • VIP Plan – $999
  • Express planning between 2 – 3 weeks – additional $250

Does your plan include attractions for kids?
Yes. The Personalized Plan is tailored to people’s needs and wishes. Also for kids. So if you like the water parks, adventure parks, toy stores, zoos; – please let me know, and I will include all that in your plan.
How will I be able to communicate with you during my trip?
If any communication is desired on your part, we are always here to help. We can communicate by any method that is best for you: email, phone, Skype, Face-time, Telegram, Facebook Messenger or any other mean of communication you can think of.
I was able to buy a cheap flight ticket, have a very little time before the flight, but have no idea what to do now? Can you help?
Sure! Email or call me asap and I will make your trip happen for you.
How many people max can be included in Personalized Plan?
Single Personalized Plan includes up to 5 people. If you are interested in a group plan, or want to join an existing group; – please email or call and we will go thru other options that we have together.

Basic plan

-one flight option
-two road trip plans
-two accommodation ideas
-local transportation
-individual plan for each day
-estimated costs

Standard Plan

-three flight option
-three road trip plans
-three accommodation ideas
-local transportation
-individual plan for each day
– estimated costs
-taking care of you during your trip (24 hrs response time)
-practical information before the trip

VIP Plan

-three flight option
-three road trip plans
-three accommodation ideas
-local transportation
-individual plan for each day
– estimated costs
-taking care of you during your trip (24 hrs response time)
-practical information before the trip
-small guide

Plan options

Flight options
A proposal of the flight between a city of your departure and a city of your destination. It is tailored to your needs and budget. Flight costs are probably the most expensive costs of your trip. With my help you will be getting the best quality and the best prices, available, without worrying about all of the details, yourself.
Road trip plan
Based on your interests, wants and needs I will present you with different ideas for your trip. You like big cities? Prefer quiet places and time spend with nature? You want to rest and get lazy at the paradise beach? I will show you how to make your dreams come true!
Accommodation ideas
We have a vast variety of great ideas about the hotels / motels / hostels / apartments or any other accommodation within your interest and budget. Cheap hotel by the Bromo volcano? Family hotel with attractions for kids? Small cottage at the edge of the jungle? With Word of Adventure this is no problem at all.
Local transportation
Personalized Plans also considers all local flight, bus, town cars or other connections, that you may need during your trip.
Plan for each day
Considering places, you want to visit, local transport and the length of your trip I will present you with proposals on how to best spend time at the place you are going to. I will suggest the places worth visiting and places you could skip. I will give you advices on time you would spend visiting those places, best times to visit and prices assuming there is an entry fee.
Estimated cost
Estimated cost of your entire trip, with itemized flights, accommodations, local transportation, food and attractions tickets.
Taking care of you during the trip
In the event that during your trip any plans need to be rearranged or If you decide you wish to change some details of your trip, just let me know and we will do everything in our power to make it a reality. You will be able to enjoy your vacation while we will arrange the changes in your plan. Depending on the option chosen we will contact you within 12 – 24 hrs. via text, email or any other mean of communication that will be suitable for you.
Information before you go
Information regarding visa formalities, vaccinations and best travel insurance.
Small guide
Information about the local customs which will help you better prepare for different culture, local norms. It is also a description and a short history of places you are going to visit. But also warnings about places and things that should be avoided so your trip will be safe from the beginning to the end.

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