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Los Angeles and around – A TOUR GUIDE in the city of Angels

My name is Ashley Liddle, I’m the author of the blog Discovering our World ( ) and the owner of the Travel Agency – World of Adventures ( ) in Costa Mesa near Los Angeles. I am also a tour guide in Los Angeles, southern California and the surrounding areas.
As part of my company’s activities, I offer individually tailored and budgeted excursions based on the needs of each of my clients, truly California tours that you will not find anywhere else.

What can you expect during trips?

I specialize in programs fully adapted to the expectations of visitors. I offer personal contact, a friendly atmosphere and a program we will build together, depending on individual needs. The pace of the guided tour is tailored to your wishes.

I promise you a visit to the city like you would enjoy with a good friend. We will check the most prestigious surroundings and monuments, or even places where tourists go rarely if at all. I will tell you not only about the history of Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, San Diego and the surrounding cities, but I can also show you how everyday life in Southern California looks like.

I will show you where to shop, where you can relax on the beach, see dolphins or sea lions. We can walk on the famous pier in Santa Monica or the promenade in Venice Beach. You will see where celebrities and superstars live, such as the famous Terminator – Arnold Schwarzenegger. You’ll be able to feel the riches of Beverly Hills or Rodeo Drive, and children may want to have some fun in Disneyland or Disney World.
We can also visit the dream factory – Paramount Pictures, where the movies and TV series are being filmed. Or the Universal Studio, where you can see memorabilia of movies produced in Los Angeles. And how about Hollywood Boulevard with the Kodak Theater and hundreds of stars on the boulevard?

For those who are feeling a bit more extreme, I invite you to the Six Flags theme park.

Or maybe you prefer wild nature, you want to see wonderful views from the beautiful canyons, soak in the delightful ryes of the sun on the beach or sail to Catalina – an island that until recently was owned by the Wrigley family (that of chewing gum), where apart from beautiful views and monuments dated back to 1924, there is a herd of Polish bison. Or maybe you prefer a gourmet trip; we can visit restaurants, bars and nightclubs on Sunset Boulevard, where you can often meet famous musicians and actors and get into the atmosphere of the 80s and the rock and roll age.

You will not have to adapt to the whole group and run behind a guide. We do not have to hurry or pay attention to others. You choose the program and the pace of the trip

The trips are walking, with guaranteed passage of my car in a group of up to 4 people. For more people, or on special request, it is possible to rent a bus.
The place of the meeting depends on you. I can come to the airport, to a hotel, apartment or arrange a meeting place at a selected location.

If after the end of the day you will want to explore further yourself, I will leave you thoroughly prepared for it. I will explain where you can best rent the cheapest car and recommend the best restaurants and bars. Knowing what else to see and where to go, you will definitely use the remaining days of your stay more enjoyably.
Los Angeles – the city of Angels as they call it – is full of attractions and does not cease to surprise. There are places that are very familiar and those that almost nobody looks at, because they are not in guides, but which can surprise with their beauty. That’s why I am also constantly looking for new and unique places, people and things that will make our sightseeing unforgettable.

The price of the guide service depends on several factors: the size of the group, duration and season. Indicative price list:

The cost of individual trips from $249 per day

The cost of trips in small groups from $79 per person per day

If you can please provide contact information and dates, along with the number of people as well preliminary information about what you are most interested in and I will send you an exact quote. I always try to make the cost per person as simple as possible and adapted to your budget.
To order a trip or get individual recommendations, please send an e-mail to: [email protected] or fill out the form on our website

Due to the high interest, I ask for the services ordered at least two weeks before the deadline and advance payment is required when booking the date.