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How to – traveling with pets. Part 3 – traveling by train

For the most part, your pet will need to be in a carry bag to be permitted onto a train. There are exceptions for service animals, but your dog or cat should be prepared to remain in an enclosed space… Continue Reading…

How to – traveling with pets. Part 2 – traveling by car

In second article from the series of “Traveling with pets” I wanted to focus on traveling by car. Traveling by car with a pet can be very convenient, but it can also create many risks. Below you will find some… Continue Reading…

How to – traveling with pets. Part 1 – your guide to travel with your furry friend

Furry and loyal, our pets are part of our families. So when we go on adventures near and far, we want to take our four-legged friends along for the journey. Many of us cannot imagine a weekend trip without a… Continue Reading…