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Discovering our World

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United States – Alaska. Part 1 – history and facts

Early Alaska The first human beings arrived in Alaska about 13,000 BC. At that time Alaska was part of a land bridge that extended across to Siberia. People followed the herds of animals they hunted. Europeans arrived in the area… Continue Reading…

Polish traces in the world: America, part one – Jamestown, Virginia

We Poles are a nation of travelers and explorers, therefore we have left our traces everywhere on the globe. We contributed to discovering new lands and to their development. One of the perfect examples can be America. Of course everyone… Continue Reading…

Los Angeles – short history

Los Angeles is popularly known as the City of Angels, while the historic Spanish name referred to Our Lady, Queen of Angels. The history of the city dates back to the 18th century (1781), when the Spaniards came here, establishing… Continue Reading…