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Las Vegas: part 3 – the most famous themed hotels

Las Vegas is as famous for gambling as it is for its bold and monumental themed hotels, such as a historical setting, an ancient civilization, or a famous city. Themed hotels are an attempt by Las Vegas’ millionaire businessmen to bring their visitors back to the atmosphere of times gone by or to faraway places.


The hotel is built inside a large, black, glass pyramid, complete with sphinxes and buildings that make you feel like you have gone back in time to Ancient Egypt. You can sail the Nile like Cleopatra. It is one of the largest hotels in the United States, with over 4,000 rooms inside the pyramid.

Inside the gigantic atrium, you will find statues, buildings, memorials, shops, and restaurants of various kinds. When the sun goes down, a huge vertical beam of light that is visible from every corner of the Las Vegas Strip radiates into the sky from the tip of this futuristic structure.

There are also collections of Egyptian treasures and a mummy. The hotel has 30 floors and the laser beam emitted from the top of the pyramid is visible for many miles. Apparently, bats gather there and watching their departure at night is an additional attraction.

Excalibur Castle

The Excalibur is a fantasy castle inspired by King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, surmounted by multicolored Gothic spires, with defensive walls, a moat, drawbridges and knights’ tournaments,

in which you participate by eating meals without using cutlery. The accommodations are located on the 28 floors of the 2 buildings, which contain almost 4,000 rooms.

The hotel has many attractions, and there are several that are designed for children and families. The Monorail connects the Excalibur to nearby hotels (Mandalay Bay and Luxor).

New York New York

The skyscrapers of the New York New York stand out on the Strip, along with a scaled version of the Brooklyn Bridge (300 feet long) and of the Statue of Liberty (150 feet high).

Among the twelve reconstructed skyscrapers on the facade of the hotel there is a skyscraper roller coaster, which you can ride. The hotel is especially appealing to a younger crowd and also has a number of luxurious amenities.

MGM Grand

The turquoise hotel takes its inspiration from the Metro Goldwyn Mayer lion and boasts the largest number of rooms (over 5,000). It opened in 1993 and has proclaimed itself to be “The City of Entertainment”.

The hotel actually resembles a bustling city where thousands of guests and visitors are constantly on the streets. In the MGM Grand, covered in emerald green glass and guarded by a large lion statue (the largest bronze statue in the United States), there is an impressive number of attractions, including a water park and real lions inside.

There is a lot of fun for adults and children can walk along the yellow path from Alice in Wonderland.


Here you experience the recreation of the romantic atmosphere of Paris with Eiffel Tower standing out in front of the entrance and the city districts inside. You can walk under the Arc de Triomphe, see the facade of the Louvre, admire the facade of the famous Paris Opera House. The property has 2,916 rooms and is connected to an associated hotel, the Bally, by a short internal passage. Inside there is a spa and a shopping mall reconstructed in the style of Parisian streets of the 1920s with shops selling French wines, clothes, shoes.

At the foot of the Eiffel Tower – a charming French restaurant – excellent food at moderate prices, where the waiters speak many languages.


Land of fairy tales from a Thousand and one nights. Once co-owned by Frank Sinatra. Elvis Presley and Priscilla got married here. The hotel has undergone a thorough reconstruction and was put into use in a new wonderful setting in January 2001.

There are Aladdin’s magic lamps, flying carpets, frescoes reminding us of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. The walls of the casino are also decorated with impressive “bouquets of flowers” – glass and metal sculptures that constantly change colors from blue, turquoise to red-orange-yellow, to all colors. The shopping arcade is a replica of the streets of a port town in the Middle East.  

Caesars Palace

The opulence of Ancient Rome is brought back to life at this hotel that opened back in 1966. The hotel is divided into five buildings, each with its own name: Augustus, Centurion, Forum, Palace, and Roman. Next to Caesars Palace, you can see a reconstruction of the Colosseum. It is a theater built in the early 2000s for a series of performances by Céline Dion. Over the years it has been home to concerts by other great singers such as Cher and Elton John.

Wandering around the hotel you will easily spot historical figures in costume and get lost among the many amenities, which include a large spa offering all kinds of treatments, a nice lounge bar on the terrace overlooking the hotel, a full-service business center that rents mobile phones and provides internet access, elegant gardens, and swimming pools.  Fountains, palm trees, cypresses, the most famous statues of ancient Rome. There you can admire copies of all famous statues such as; Venus de Milo, the statue of David, the famous Roman fountains, there is also the “talking” fountain of Bacchus.

The design of the casino is kept in the style of Roman interiors, lots of famous statues, there is also – of course – a statue of Caesar, which welcomes incoming guests. Since 2003, the complex has expanded to include the Roman Forum.


At the Mirage, you will find a tropical landscape the will remind you of Polynesia through its art and culture, and other elements, such as palm trees, a swimming pool that mimics a tropical coastline, and a volcano over 50 feet high, from which a constant waterfall of water gushes out.

Every night, every 15 minutes, you can watch the simulation of the volcanic eruption with lava and flames. Near the reception desk, there is a huge aquarium with over 1,000 sea creatures from all over the planet (including sharks).

Treasure Island

Inside the hotel there is a huge aquarium with several types of sharks, in the area adjacent to the hotel there is also an aquarium with dolphins that live there with the whole family, and small dolphins swim asking to be petted. A little further, the jungle is home to extremely rare white tigers, and recently also white lions. There is also a paddock in the hotel for these wonderful animals that show off in front of the public every night.

Mandalay Bay

The design of the hotel harkens to Southeast Asia. The furniture and decor in the rooms are luxurious and oriental.

Mandalay Bay is also one of the most entertaining hotels on the Strip. In addition to casinos and restaurants, there is a blues music theatre, a concert venue, and a disco. But what makes it unique is the Shark Reef Aquarium, that includes a walking corridor in which you are surrounded by sharks.


In this  South American themed hotel there is one of the best golf courses in the area. There is always Carnival in Rio. A great carnival parade takes place here four times a day, but the parade is unusual – because it is sky-high. More precisely – under the ceiling. Gondolas and ships sail on special rails, all festively decorated, with a crowd of costumed people throwing trinkets and sweets into the crowd of spectators. The view is amazing, and, what makes it more interesting, the audience can participate in this spectacle.

Other Famous Las Vegas Themed Hotels

When talking about the best themed hotels in Las Vegas, I must also mention the Bellagio, an important and luxurious hotel inspired by the famous town on Lake Como, the Venetian, where you will find replicas of St. Mark’s Basilica, the Bridge of Sighs, and a canal with singing gondoliers like in Venice, and the Waldorf Astoria if you’re looking for a place to relax surrounded by luxury.

You will find all the information in next article dedicated to luxury hotels in Las Vegas – stay tuned.