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February 14 – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration of lovers on February 14. The name comes from St. Valentine, considered the patron saint of lovers.


Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in southern and western Europe since the Middle Ages. Northern and Eastern Europe joined the Valentine’s group much later.

The British consider this holiday their own due to the fact that it was made famous by Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) all over the world.

Valentine’s Day in Poland

Valentine’s Day celebrations came to Poland along with the cult of Saint Valentine from Bavaria and Tyrol. They gained popularity in the 1990s. Every year, since February 14, 2002, Chełmno hosts the largest celebration of this holiday in Poland, under the name “Chełm Valentine’s Day”. Thanks to the preserved, probably from the Middle Ages, in the Chełmno parish church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1280–1320) relics of St. Valentine, the local cult was combined with the Anglo-Saxon tradition.


The most important place of worship of St. Valentine’s Basilica in Terni, Italy. On the silver reliquary with the remains of the patron, the inscription “Saint Valentine, patron of love” was placed. Every year, on the Sunday preceding February 14, couples from all over Italy and the world come to the basilica to make a promise of love. Spouses celebrating the 25th or 50th anniversary of the sacrament of marriage also gather here. In Terni, the “Year of Love” award is also presented on this day.

An element of Valentine’s Day is giving each other Valentine’s Day decorative cards, often in the shape of a heart, with a poem or a love confession.


Part of the Polish society criticizes Valentine’s Day as a sign of Americanization, foreign to Polish culture and displacing native traditions – despite the fact that this holiday does not come from America, and its roots go back to ancient Rome. It is also worth remembering that Saint Valentine, the patron saint of Valentine’s Day, was of Italian descent.

Valentine’s Day is also criticized for its commercial and consumerist attitude.

Because of its pagan origin, the celebration of Valentine’s Day is rejected by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In countries such as Pakistan and India, Valentine’s Day customs, including sending cards, are condemned as contrary to the spirit of Islam.

And you? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What is your opinion about this holiday? Yes or no? Let me know in comments below.

And to each of you – Happy Valentine’s Day – today and always.