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California small towns – San Diego: part 6 – climate: when is the best time to visit?

When is a good time to go to San Diego? Always. This city on the border with Mexico is, in terms of climate, one of the most livable cities of all the United States. Rain is scarce and the temperatures are comfortable for visitors at any time of the year. In the summer months, San Diego’s beaches are the preferred destination, but visiting the city’s points of interest is also possible and enjoyable in the winter months. The weather conditions of the nearby Mojave Desert do not affect San Diego Bay thanks to the mountain range that protects it and the cool ocean breezes that mitigate the temperatures in the city area.

The climate

The latitude and proximity to the sea give San Diego a warm temperate climate that resembles the climate in the Mediterranean. There are more than 200 days of the year when the temperature in San Diego exceeds 70° and the dry heat is regularly mitigated by sea breezes.


In March, the temperatures begin to rise and at the end of April, you can already go to the beach. Spring in San Diego can be defined as an almost non-existent season. Temperatures in these intermediate months vary between 60° and 77° and then summer begins soon after that. It rains very little. While in the months of May and June the average rainfall is almost zero, March has an average of 6 days of rain.

March and April, more than the other months of the year, are particularly windy. The strong air currents coming from the desert, combined with the dry climate, increase the risk of fires in the area surrounding the city. The same happens also in the fall, especially in September and October.


Southern California is hot in the summer and San Diego is no exception. It’s quite normal for it to be over 77°  and that’s why beach life is so great. Because summer nights are warm, after spending the day on the beach, people head to the many beach clubs in the evening. The beaches of San Diego become one of the liveliest places on the California coast in the summer.


Defining when fall begins and ends in San Diego is difficult. September is still the peak of summer. In fact, it is often warmer than in August, and usually, summer temperatures continue through October. During September and October, it is still possible to swim in the ocean. Here autumn the streets won’t be covered in red and yellow leaves.


December, January, and February are the three coldest months in San Diego, but temperatures don’t drop below 50°. By Christmas the downtown districts are filled with decorations. The only real inconvenience, especially at night, is that there are frequent fog banks, also due to the significant temperature difference between night and day.

Best time to visit

San Diego is one of those cities which can be visited in any period of the year. It all depends on the reason for your trip. If you want to enjoy the beach and nightlife, I suggest visiting between late April and early October. If, on the other hand, you want to take walks in the historic districts, visit museums and theme parks, the fall and spring are ideal, since it is not too hot during those seasons.