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How to – packing tips – part 3 – backpack

Whether you’re going on a long or short hike, it’s important to pack well. It is impossible to admire the mountain views if your luggage is badly spread on your back and the straps are digging into your skin. Before you go on a trip, take care of your own comfort and well-being.

First, you should lay out on a carpet or blanket all the things that you think would be useful for your trip. Then do the so-called “first packing”. If you immediately start to bend under the weight of the backpack, think about which things are completely unnecessary, too heavy or really unnecessary and unpack them immediately.

Then weigh your backpack; the basic rule of an experienced hiker is – the backpack should weigh no more than 20-30% of your body weight.

The weight of the backpack should be evenly distributed. The comfort of the trip depends on it. Pack the heaviest items in the lumbar region. Thanks to this, you will perfectly distribute the weight, most of which will go to your hips.

Do not leave empty places in the backpack. Try to fill every empty space. If you bring dishes with you, you can put rolled up clothes in them. Finally, squeeze the backpack with the compression straps, put it on and adjust it with the straps.

Some things are better placed outside the backpack. This applies to foam pads, mattresses, wet clothes or sharp objects, e.g. trekking poles. But remember – don’t let them move. Thanks to this, you will save yourself problems with passing through the door (e.g. of a train) or keeping balance on routes that are not tourist trails. In general, many travelers have a rule that as few items as possible are placed outside the backpack.

Organize the contents of your backpack thematically

Particularly small items, e.g. cutlery, underwear. The best way is to pack them in colorful bags. Then you will have no problem finding them inside the backpack.

Set aside a special place for food

Food should be packed in such a way as to have easy access to it – preferably as the last item of luggage. It is good if cosmetics or other chemical substances were as far away from food as possible.

The most frequently used items should be placed in easily accessible places

A map, sunscreen, glasses, a headlamp, a camera – all of this should be in easily accessible places – pockets, zippers or attached to special clips. It makes life so much easier. If you don’t have to take your backpack off to get to these things, you’ve packed well.

What do we often forget when packing a backpack for vacation?

Anyone who has traveled with a backpack at least once knows that it can be capricious. Therefore, such accessories as a needle, thread, safety pin, strong adhesive tape, nets or string are an absolute must-have for a traveler. Thanks to them, we can quickly fix unforeseen faults.

Other important things that are worth packing in a backpack are: a photocopy of documents (preferably several copies – in case of loss or theft), a quick-drying towel (it is small and dries several times faster than a traditional one), wet wipes, a penknife with a wooden handle, a thermos flask, cards to game. A hardcover notebook and a pencil (plus a pencil sharpener) will also come in handy. Traditionally – toilet paper, tourist cutlery, warm socks and a small flashlight.

If you’ve packed your backpack and don’t take any extra bags to carry with you, you’re ready to go.