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March 8 – International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated on March 8.


In ancient Rome, in the first week of March, a holiday related to the beginning of the new year, motherhood and fertility, i.e. Matronalia, was celebrated. The name of this holiday came from the word matrona, which in Latin meant a married woman with children. During the Matronalia, women went to the grove at the temple of Juno on Esquiline. They offered flowers to the divine personification of virtues and prayed for happiness in their married life, and at home they served refreshments for their slaves. On the occasion of this holiday, husbands gave their wives gifts. At that time, women were treated in a special way, and in addition to gifts, their wishes were also fulfilled.

The origins of the modern Women’s Day date back to 1857. In New York, in a cotton factory, women organized a strike demanding a shorter working day and the same pay as men. On February 20, 1908, activists of the New York Social Democratic Organization organized a demonstration to commemorate that event, proclaiming the slogans of fighting for the improvement of women’s political and economic rights and granting women the right to participate in elections. The first celebration of Women’s Day took place on February 28, 1909 in the United States.

The German socialist Klara Zetkin contributed to the establishment of International Women’s Day. who had long been deeply impressed by the activities of the women of the Socialist Party of America. It was the American National Women’s Day established by this party that inspired it to establish International Women’s Day. Her proposal was unanimously approved at the congress, but no specific date was proposed.

In 1910, the Second Socialist International in Copenhagen established Women’s Day, which is celebrated all over the world. It was intended to promote the idea of ​​women’s rights and to build social support for universal voting rights for women.

International Women’s Day was first celebrated on March 19, 1911 in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. Women became increasingly vocal in demanding the right to vote and hold public office, to work and vocational training, and to stop discrimination in the workplace.

In 1922, women’s organizations declared March 8 International Women’s Day.

Women’s Day in Poland

In the times of the Polish People’s Republic, Women’s Day was celebrated very solemnly, necessarily with a flower, which was usually a carnation, given by a representative of the management. There were also academies and small gifts, including tights, towels or kitchen cloths given by the manager at the workplace. Women’s Day during the People’s Republic of Poland was one of the occasions used by state propaganda. Smiling ladies were shown at factory machines, in post office windows, directing traffic in the city center and calmly walking with a pram in the park. And at home, our mothers and grandmothers received tulips and “Perhaps” perfume or a string of artificial pearls from their husbands and brothers.

The official celebration of Women’s Day was abolished in 1993 at the behest of the then Polish Prime Minister, Hanna Suchocka. And although many of the more liberated women call for a boycott of Women’s Day, believing that we deserve favors all year round, many of us, especially from the older generation, remember those times with nostalgia.

Women’s Day in the world

In Belarus, March 8 is a day off from work.

In Ukraine, ladies can count on promotions in stores and cheaper shopping.

In Romania, this day is also Mother’s Day, where children give small gifts to their mothers and grandmothers.

In Portugal, women organize girls’ nights at home or in cafes or restaurants.

In Israel, women receive flowers and gifts from men, and many beauty salons offer beauty treatments for free on this day.

In the UK, Women’s Day is celebrated on March 10. There is no emphasis on gifts and flowers, but numerous lectures and exhibitions are organized about outstanding women, how gender equality came to be and what is still to be done in this field.

Women’s Day celebrations in Italy start a week earlier. Roadside poles, boards and bus stops are plastered with posters reminding about the coming holiday, many people also distribute leaflets about Women’s Day. On the holiday itself, all women get flowers and wishes.

In China, on March 8, ladies have half a day off work and many shops offer special discounts for women, especially on clothes and cosmetics.

In Tunisia, Women’s Day is celebrated on August 13.

Women’s Day today

Nowadays, we meet many women writers, painters, scientists, politicians – practicing professions that for years they were not even allowed to think about. Suffrage has not always been part of women’s lives. Women had to prove and fight a lot for us to have our rights. Today we are free, independent and have the same rights as men.

There are plenty of things that we can do to give ourselves small pleasures and many of them do not require any special expenditure of time or finances. Today I want to persuade you not only to spend some time on the occasion of Women’s Day, so that you can find at least a moment to celebrate your femininity. It is extremely important for the spiritual well-being of our mental self, which must be in balance between the roles of mother, wife, worker and woman to be able to achieve happiness. All the women who have given us today’s opportunities to learn, work and develop have also given us a wonderful opportunity celebrating our femininity and enjoying it.

What gift will we make ourselves? It all depends on your preferences or needs. It is important not to forget about yourself, celebrate yourself as a woman and think about what we can do for the next year to make the femininity in us stronger and better. On the occasion of our holiday, I wish all my friends and strangers who have just read this article my best wishes. Love yourself, take care of yourself and don’t forget to enjoy yourself, not only on Women’s Day. Or maybe you want to tell me something about yourself, the comments under the article are at your disposal, you can also write to me or send photos from your holiday to [email protected]

Happy March 8, women.