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Discovering our World

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Conditioner – Shampoo – Conditioner – a method that works

Conditioner – Shampoo – Conditioner – the hair washing method known all very well in the blogosphere. Conditioner – Shampoo – Conditioner is, in short, that we wash the hair with a conditioner, then with shampoo and finally put on… Continue Reading…

Japanese manicure: what is it and why every woman needs one

All of us want to have beautiful nails. Long, shiny and elastic. But most of the time, that’s not the case. So if you are like me, then you too, probably cover the imperfections with nail polish and beautiful nail… Continue Reading…

“Coffee is a language in itself.”

I would like to invite you today to indulge into a history of one of the most popular, next to tea, drink, loved by the millions… coffee. The word coffee sounds very similar in many languages. The Arabs call it… Continue Reading…